Neighbourhood Barometer AB8(6), Palestine

Neighborhood Barometer survey waves were carried out in Palestine by PCPO in July2012, December2012, June2013, December2013 – January2014 and May-June2014. Looking at five statements on the EU-Palestinian relations (AB8(6) Could you tell me to what extent you agree or disagree with each of the following statements concerning the European Union? asked one after the other, only ‘agree’ answers are displayed, %, 2012-2104), the numbers speak for themselves, however, a strange turn can be observed in the Palestinian case in the first part of 2014.

NB, Palestine, qA8, 2012-2014

Comparing it to the Palestinians’ opinion on their countries’ bilateral relations vis-à-vis the EU (question AB2(4), In general, how would you describe the relations that the EU has with your country? Only ‘total good’ (very good and good) answers, 2012-2104, %), the trend (red line) is similar. The ‘total good’ opinions increased by 12% point between December 2013 (60%) and June 2014 (72%) and there was a drop in the ‘total bad’ rate (from 29% to 20%, not shown on the graph).

NB, AB2, mashreq

While the longer run trend of ‘total bad’ and ‘total good’ opinions seem to slightly correlate with the Israeli experience, the sudden increase in the Palestinian ‘total good’ replies – in case of both questions (AB8 and AB2) may be explained by a coincidence. The survey was carried out in the Palestinian territories between 26 May and 16 June 2014. The EU not only contributed approximately €16.4 million to the payment of the April salaries and pensions of approximately 700,000 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners in May, but it also made available €200 million to support the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA (Unispal, May 2014).


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